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Only somewhat right after the start of the game, but I am seeing some themes that have become somewhat prescient as of time of writing. Open-source networks, centralisation, federated servers, mainstream artificial intelligence, etc.

Would be interested to know the inspirations for the plot!

Side note: Have you heard about the Fediverse? People may be more familiar with it through Mastodon, one of the more commonly used Fediverse software. Most software in the Fediverse communicates using the ActivityPub protocol, which is open-source. With big companies like Meta (Threads) and Automattic (Wordpress) adopting it, there are many concerns which coincidentally are also discussed in this game.

If you play this game with a racing wheel connected, the game just assumes the accelerator/brake pedal is a joystick axis & the camera spins around endlessly. It seems to be completely impossible to disable this. Is there any way to remap or debind controls at all?

Hi porta, sorry to hear that. I’ve seen this in one of the Steam reviews and with the way Unity input worked back then plus the lack of controller management in the PC version, I don’t think I can offer you anything at the moment. Is unplugging it not an option / are racing wheels usually connected in a way that makes this annoying to do? You could also temporarily disable the wheel via your OS.

I spent a lot of time on controller management for the Xbox One version, so there is some code for that, but that endeavor ate up all resources I had and left me burned out with the game. Then, whenever I started to work on a new patch for the PC version, I remembered feature parity and my motivation stopped. So, I’m sorry if I can’t offer you to patch this one out. I hope you can find a way around it without messing with your setup too much.


Hi there! I just played through in one sitting on my stream and overall I liked it a lot! It seems though that if you play through in one go without closing the game the area near the start of of the final conflict where you rescue several purple viruses breaks. Instead of going up after being rescued they went kinda, anywhere else and this occured until I closed the game entirely and relaunched. Just wanted to make sure this was a known issue!


Just saw on a comment below that you're aware of it! Sometimes bugs are just unsquashable like that. Thanks for making the game!

That's great to hear that you enjoyed it! I'll try to find the VOD and watch it soon. :)

Yeah, that one is really weird and it seems to happen more than expected. Maybe the one-go aspect is an important detail, that might help troubleshooting.

Thank you for playing and your feedback! :)


Just stumbled upon this game - it's absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful graphics, sound and intuitive controls. Must've been a lot of work. 

Runs perfectly fine on my Mac running latest Catalina (despite what a user below wrote). 

Не работает на Mac.. Заходишь в Старт и всё черное(( 

i tried playing but when i went into the start thing everything was dark and i could only hear myself jumping. also i couldn't open the menu. is that supposed to happen? or am i doing something wrong?


Hey Ek3, I am not (yet) aware of a bug that causes this issue. It's definitely not supposed to happen - what system / OS are you playing on?

Catalina, which could be the problem - lots of games apparently don't work properly/at all on this version.

I'm sorry to hear that. Mac support is tough to do continuously, as you always need the hardware for it. With Linux, I could just install whatever distro someone is using and run some tests. Maybe you can boot camp a linux mint or windows for the games that aren't working properly.


Yeah, my roommate said I might be able to borrow their computer, which looks like my best option right now. Really wish I hadn't updated it, but oh well. Thanks anyway!


I am not sure if it is Catalina. Usually games that are not able to work won't even open. Either way, once I get a PC, I will definitely come back to this game and give a review.

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Wow, that was unbelievably good. It's seriously one of my favourite games I've ever played - graphics, soundtrack, cool story, fascinating use of scale with progression, fun to control, and did I mention, gorgeous? Other than using the guide for the Kronos puzzles, and having to quit/restart the Escaping Wilson #2 section (freeing the particles didn't do anything, and the opponent had no effect), it was surprisingly intuitive go go through despite how abstract it is. Thank you for such a masterpiece.

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What a wholesome comment, thank you so much! I don't make much noise about Fumiko anymore, so people stumbling upon it and actually enjoying it make me really happy.

I know about this weird Wilson #2 bug but haven't found a fix yet. It tried debugging once and it was a weird chain of events leading to it. I thought I fixed it, but then it came back. I'm glad it's not a permanent thing, but bugs that happen randomly are usually the worst. :(

Thank you again!